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Banana Blueberry Blender Pancakes

Blender Pancakes are an easy way to whip up your favorite pancakes. And Banana Blueberry Blender Pancakes are a delicious version of this speedy, homemade breakfast treat. January 28th is National Blueberry Pancake Day! For lovers of pancakes who are also lovers of blueberries, this combination is simply too hard to resist. Blueberries are bright …

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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

There are many kinds of Chocolate Cake, but people are most familiar with the traditional two-layer cake like this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake. Mayonnaise is made up primarily of oil and egg yolks, so it serves as the perfect substitute for those ingredients in chocolate cake! It gives chocolate cake a moist, rich texture without changing …

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How to make Irish Coffee

I consider learning How to Make Irish Coffee a bit of a life skill that everyone must learn. This is a brilliant, delicious, hot cocktail made with lightly sweetened coffee, Irish whiskey, cream and (sometimes) chocolate shavings. January 25th is National Irish Coffee Day. It’s perfect to be celebrating Irish Coffee in the middle of …

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