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48 Amazing Recipes Using Tequila

48 Amazing Recipes Using Tequila, including 16 tequila dinner recipes, 16 tequila cocktail recipes and 16 tequila dessert recipes. July 24th is National Tequila Day. You should definitely celebrate by making one of these 48 Amazing Recipes Using Tequila. I’ve collected such a delicious bunch of boozy recipes, and you’re bound to find some new …

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Ground Beef and Cheese Enchiladas

This Ground Beef and Cheese Enchiladas recipe uses a delicious, homemade enchilada sauce, a spiced up meat sauce and plenty of cheese. May 5th is National Enchilada Day! Of course you must celebrate by making your own, homemade enchiladas (or visit your favorite Mexican restaurant to sample theirs). I suggest making these ground beef and …

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Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas

These Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas use an easy method for making a lot of quesadillas at the same time to feed a crowd! September 25th is National Quesadilla Day! Celebrate by visiting your favorite Mexican restaurant and ordering a quesadilla. Or make this fabulous recipe for Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas! Share a picture of your …

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