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52 Best Recipes for Truffles

52 Best Recipes for Truffles, including classic chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter, liqueur-infused and more! May 2nd is National Truffles Day! This means, it’s a day to eat all the chocolate truffles you want to eat! Of course, you can stop by your favorite candy shop and buy some truffles. Or you can …

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15 Festive Punch Recipes for Holiday Parties

Here are 15 Festive Punch Recipes for Holiday Parties! Check out these recipes (with and without alcohol) for fall celebrations, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone loves a good punch recipe! September 20th is National Punch Day! Celebrate by making a bowl of your favorite punch. Or go to your favorite bar and order a fun …

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Classic Vanilla Cupcakes

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes are the most delicious homemade cupcakes with a tender crumb. They are topped with a simple, wonderful vanilla frosting too. November 10th is National Vanilla Cupcake Day! Celebrate by visiting your favorite bakery and ordering the best vanilla cupcake they have. Or you can bake these Classic Vanilla Cupcakes at home and …

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